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How to clean your car

Oct 13, 2014

Get your car spick and span again with this how to guide. Essential Equipment Required As well as making it look great, cleaning your car will preserve its value. Looking after your car is well worth it - when the...


Buying Unnecessary Add-Ons

Jan 8, 2014

Research has proven that some dealers might try to sell features they supply themselves, such as gap insurance, paint protection etc….. They're generally unnecessary, Bartlett of 'Which' Traders Association says. 'The only product relating to paint protection that actually works...


Driving Tips 'Safety for Women'

Jan 28, 2013

Women drivers, particularly when driving alone, can feel vulnerable. The following measures can increase peace of mind and safety for women drivers. LOOK AFTER YOUR CAR It’s important to service your car regularly and check oil, water, windscreen washer and...


Winter Driving Tips

Jan 15, 2013

Winter driving top tips from Dealer Option Ltd...   We know from recent history that the UK’s weather is unpredictable and following the mild autumn/winter we've had this year so far, may leave drivers unprepared for the winter weather to...


Wake up to the signs of tiredness

Dec 5, 2012

To avoid driving tired please read the tips below to ensure you have a safe journey. Before you start your journey: Plan to include a 15 minute break every two hours of driving. Have a good night's sleep before setting...


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