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Customer Testimonials:

Shaun Perry: Great Product, Great Service, Great Profit, Great Business Partner.

Mike Caddy: Service levels are second to none they have a knack of motivating and getting the best out of our sales teams.

Peter Vardy: Dealer Option pride themselves on first class Customer service and retention and are very professional in all that they supply.

Mark Trapani: Perfect business partner, reliable, efficient and deliver the best results with a top quality brand.

Richard Jenkins: One solution, works every time, their USP's are very impressive and actually make our job that much easier selling Platinum Protection.

Dave Johnson: We have worked with Dealer Option now for a number of years and wouln't dream of using anyone else.

John Platt: Having used Autoglym for many years I soon relaised it was just a retail name...big mistake. Platinum Protection works well for our businesses and the service level together with the product make it a convincing sale everytime.   


Public Testimonials:

Debbie Slater, Reading: I just purchased some Polymer Wash from Dealer Option (special offer) and was very surprised on the extensive range of accessories they also offer!

David Nayler, Birmingham: I purchased my daughter her first new Suzuki and opted for platinum guard. I’m glad I did as it was a welcome relief when it fell victim to bird lime and the Technical department at Dealer Option put it right without having to worry me. I am extremely greatful and good old fashioned service is very hard to come by these days.

Les Hudson, Bolton: Thank you Platinum, really makes light work of car cleaning!

Sam Cole, Sutton Coldfield: My car has just turned 2 years old and it still looks as good as new!

Nikki Benson Portsmouth: Had a small blemish on my bonnet; the Customer Support Team at Dealer Option had it fixed in no time! Can I just say their customer service is second to none.

Stewart Dunbar, Prestwick: Great product, great service, no issues!

Margaret Barker ,Newbury: This is the third type of this product I have purchased and I must say it is the only one that makes a marked improvement to the overall finish of my vehicles paintwork.

Arthur Tennet, Newcastle-upon-Tyne: I thought it sounded, to good to be true, ‘a transferable lifetime guarantee’ Having checked with Dealer Option it is true!!!

Peter Laing, Oxford: I like it, my wife likes it and I get to go fishing.

Oscar Hamilton, Perth: Working in the chemical industry myself, I was highly impressed when I found out that Platinum Protection is a ceramic base treatment.

Anthony Smith, Northern Ireland: My BMW 3 series really stands out.


Testimonials from our Youtube channel:

Nathan Gill, Wolverhampton: Opted for platinum protect on my new car have to say the results are tremendous....no hassle, no worries, easy to maintain!

Jane Winters, Sunderland: Picked up my new Honda from Springfield last week. I went for the platinum protection option, not only was I impressed by the finish, my husband is now having his car treated at Springfield next week! Unfortunately I'm paying for his car too!

Steven Williams, Sheffield: Purchased used vehicle from Pentagon had platinum protection as one of my extra's.....can't believe the quality of the finish it provides on a 4 year old car wow!

Mr Alan Wood: What a great product.... congratulations to the makers of platinum protection for introducing a system that actually works! It's easy to say that you offer something that ticks the boxes until you read the small print..... Platinum's peace of mind takes away any worry!

Rob Greives: Just brilliant....purchased a new Vauxhall Astra from Peter Vardy this year.....just wanted to say that platinum protection is pure class! Does what is say's no top up's just wash and the lifetime guarantee compliments vauxhall's stance.


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