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ABOUT Platinum Protection Marine

A complete exterior system for your marine leisure craft

Dealer Option are very pleased to announce the arrival of their Platinum Protection Marine. A complete exterior treatment for your Marine Leisure Craft that comes with a transferable guarantee. Platinum Protection Marine (PPM) has been developed and tested at lengths in our laboratories using an ‘Accelerated Weathering Process’ to test its resilience. Using the latest ceramic technology we can guarantee to eliminate surface disruption and protect against Bird Lime, Salt, UV Rays and Environmental Hazards, which ultimately results in the extended life, appearance and protection of your craft’s gel coat, paintwork, glass, acrylic and polycarbonate. Simply a better value for money solution!!! 

PPM is available now Worldwide through its network of Dealers, Brokers, Manufacturers and selected Marine Maintenance Operations.

PPM was formulated to protect the end users investment whilst providing continued peace of mind. 24 hours a day 365 days a year with no need to reapply or polish again for at least 3 years.

PPM comes with a three year no quibble money back guarantee. Keeping your craft in showroom condition needn’t be such a tiresome chore. The system is professionally applied and designed to enhance and protect the craft’s complete appearance whilst ensuring maximum resistance to environmental hazards. The protective barrier will help to slow the ageing process of marine leisure craft, whilst the comprehensive guarantee covers all aspects of leisure use. For further information or demo please contact our offices.

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Platinum Protection Marine PRODUCTS

Below are a selection of Platinum Protection Marine products

Marine Waterless Clean - 500ml


Pure Marine Polish - 500ml


Marine Deck Cleaner - 500ml


Marine Polymer Wash - 1ltr


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