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Comprehensive range of quality cleaning products at affordable prices. For any further information or specific requirements please either email or call our customer support team.

Jumbo Sponge - Large


Ideal for washing cars, marine craft, caravans etc...

Micro-Fibre Cloth -


Excellent for paintwork, glass, plastics for drying and polishing...

Genuine Leather Chamois Cloth -


Genuine chamois, a favourite for quality finishes...

Car Cloth (imitation chamois) -


Very absorbent and easy to use...

Wash mitt


Takes the effort out of producing thorough clean...

Wheel Cleaning Brush


Don't forget those wheels! Easily removes brake dust and road...

De-Mist Pad


Great for those cold damp mornings, makes short work of...

Small Sponge - Small


Ideal for smaller jobs, hard to reach areas and motorbikes...

Popular Polishing Essentials (pads)


Features a variety of polishing pads and cloths for that...

Sachet Wipes


Disposable cleaning wipes ideal for people on the go. Includes...

Scratch Repair Kit


Ideal for removal of all type of scratches, easy to...

Advanced Touch up Kit


Perfect for stone chips, deep scratches and other minor defects....

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